Learn Through Play with Educational Treasure Hunts

Nothing is quite as motivating as a quest!

Navigate the orienteering course using compass directions to make the next checkpoint.

Help the infamous robot pirate Captain Binary find his treasure using code!

Find your way off of an island full of magical creatures by reading graphs.

Become a detective to solve the case of the missing manuscript.

Learn earth science by traveling back through geologic time.

Sail the seven seas with a host of pirates using cardinal directions.

Parse code to interpret for a community of robots.

Use beginner math concepts with rascally pirates to complete the quest.

At The Treasure Hunt Builder we use device-free adventures to encourage students to apply and practice their STEM knowledge. Our treasure hunts are quick to set up and designed to engross students in at least an hour of fun so they learn naturally and creatively, improving their attention and retention.
Use a treasure hunt to help your student develop a conceptual understanding of STEM subjects, like math and coding, and encourage their natural curiosity for exploring and discovering new ideas.

All the while applying your knowledge of science, math and coding! Venture forth on a quest for STEM!

Need it right now?

Download a STEM treasure hunt immediately after check-out, print and set up for your students in under 10 minutes. No cutting, gluing, or other prep is required. And easy instructions for quickly hiding the clues are included.

Need some space?

Each treasure hunt takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete. That's 8 hours of STEM adventuring for your student while you focus on other things!


No problem! These educational treasure hunts get students off of their devices and moving around as they solve STEM challenges and hunt for their next clue.

Is it hard to get your student interested?

Play enhances curiosity. Our adventure storylines draw students in, applying gamification to STEM concepts, because nothing is quite as motivating as a quest!

Looking for educational games?

We've got you covered with Math, Science, and Coding educational treasure hunts. Or customize our hunts to your student's learning goals with The Builder!

Want to set up a quest anywhere?

Set up inside or outside for an active, educational activity so students can practice their STEM and problem solving skills at home or school, no matter the weather.

Looking for educational treasure hunts tailored to your student?

Build a custom treasure hunt with The Builder!

Using The Builder, you can:

  • pick an adventure theme that motivates your students ....  Dinosaurs?  Fairies? Pirates?
  • select educational puzzles to help your student practice their skills... Math? Coding? Reading?
  • decide where you want to hide each clue in an indoor or outdoor location... under a rock? in the bathtub? by a window?

How It Works

First Bullet

Generate Your Treasure Hunt.

Pick your adventure theme, 9 educational clues, and the locations to hide those clues around your home or classroom.


Second Bullet


Download and print the 9 clues.


Third Bullet


Hide the clues in the locations you selected. (Don't worry! Each treasure hunt is generated with instructions for hiding them.)


What teachers and homeschooling parents are saying about it...

New Treasure Hunt Adventure Themes

Adventure storylines specific to your student's interests.

New Clues this Month!

Educational clues specific to your student's learning goals.

Review Made Fun.

    • Wrap up your unit study with an activity that asks your students to use what they learned, but also gets them moving (and is way more fun than a test!)


    • Taking a break from school over the Summer? Keep their knowledge fresh with a treasure hunt!

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