Reinforce Learning with Treasure Hunts

Nothing is quite as motivating as a quest!

Each treasure hunt provides 1 - 2 hours of activity.

Device-free activity to get students moving and applying their knowledge.

Generate and setup your treasure hunt in under 10 minutes.

Adventure storylines specific to your student's interests.

Educational clues specific to your student's learning goals.

Clues hidden in locations specific to your home or classroom.

How It Works

First Bullet

Generate Your Treasure Hunt.

Pick your adventure, 9 educational clues, and the locations to hide those clues around your home.


Second Bullet


Print out your student's 9 clues.


Third Bullet


Hide the clues in the locations chosen.

(Don't worry! Each treasure hunt is generated with instructions with exactly where to hide each clue!)


New Treasure Hunt Adventure Themes

Adventure storylines specific to your student's interests.

New Clues this Month!

Educational clues specific to your student's learning goals.

Review Made Fun.

    • Wrap up your unit study with an activity that asks your students to use what they learned, but also gets them moving (and is way more fun than a test!)


    • Taking a break from school over the Summer? Keep their knowledge fresh with a treasure hunt!

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