Our ready-to-go treasure hunts

Simply choose from one of our existing, pre-made treasure hunts in the Shop.  After checkout, it can be downloaded, printed and set up in under 10 minutes!

This is a perfect option for busy parents, homeschoolers, and curious, active children.


Our customized treasure hunts

Using The Builder, you can customize treasure hunts to match the interests and learning goals of your child.

  1. If you have a subscription, log in first to get your subscriber discount at checkout and to save your progress as you custom-build your treasure hunt.
  2. Generate your treasure hunt using the drop-down menus to:
    1. pick your adventure theme
    2. choose 9 educational clues
    3. choose the locations to hide those clues around your home, garden or classroom
  3. On the 'Review and Download' tab, review your final treasure hunt in the preview window, enter your billing details and click 'Pay and Download' at the bottom.
  4. Download and print the 9 clues
  5. Hide the clues in the locations you selected (instructions for where to hide each clue is included so you don't have to think about it!)
2021-06-29_The Builder

Treasure for the end of the quest


You can also purchase treasure, designed using the beautiful theme art of our treasure hunts, to leave for your children to find at the end of their adventure quest, such as puzzles and removable wall decals.

Treasure Products