How We Actively Support Social Justice

Representation Matters

Inclusive Artwork

We believe it is important for students to be excited about what and how they are learning, which requires being able to relate to the stories and characters that act as the hooks to capture their interest and imagination.

We promise to strive to create an inclusive and diverse cast of characters by creating characters that:

  • are race or gender amorphous
  • are racially diverse and empowering
  • do not subscribe to gender stereotypes
  • are gender non-conforming and reflect the spectrum of gender identities
  • are not abelist
  • are culturally and ethnically diverse

As a small start-up, it will take us time to build a content library broad enough to capture all of this beautiful diversity, but we promise to prioritize this from the start, and to question our own assumptions and conditioning each step of the way. One way we hope to achieve this, is by commissioning diverse artists and ensuring they have the creative space to represent their points of view.

How Are We Doing?

Please let us know if your child or student is not represented by the artwork we have available. What attributes or characteristics should we include?

Some ways to let us know:

    1. Submit a New Feature Request with the character or theme you would like to see.
    2. Contact us directly to start a conversation. This may be a more comfortable option if there is a lot of nuance that requires a conversation to convey, if you are not sure how to describe your needs and want to talk it through, or if you would like to have a conversation about different ways we could represent your student. Please email us at:

    3. Let us know what is important to work on next by voting for future Treasure Hunt Themes, and add your new inclusive category in the 'Other' option: Artwork Theme Poll
    4. Consider becoming an Artwork Patron through our Patreon page so we can build an inclusive content library and value Artists through equitable commissions.
Valuation Matters

Fair Pay

We believe in valuing everyone's contributions and time equally, and that a person's worth is more than what they produce. We believe success is not zero sum, and that by supporting our artists we can all rise together.

We promise to value our contributors' time equally, and boost their diverse voices to the best of our ability. As a new start up, we have the ability to build equality and fairness into our business processes from the start, and we are proceeding very intentionally to incorporate best practices in commission pricing and artist selection.

What does this look like?

  • We are committed to commissioning artists of all backgrounds, genders and nationalities.
  • We are setting up a system to track our diversity and commission statistics, to monitor how we are doing when hiring and paying artists fairly, and to ensure transparency.
  • We are researching a methodology for ensuring fair commissions across currencies, which will likely incorporate purchasing power parity rates, or The Big Mac Index.

How Are We Doing?

Please let us know if there are other avenues of fairness we should be considering, or if there are diverse artists with diverse points of view you think would enrich our curriculum. If you have ideas or recommendations, please send us an email to let us know: