Coding Quests

Would you like to introduce your student to Coding too?

Purchase includes two colorful treasure hunts with answer keys, a supplemental primer on how to read code blocks in the style of Scratch, and a supplemental handout on how to read cardinal and relative directions. These educational treasure hunts don't require any cutting, gluing or preparation other than hiding the clues. 

They are designed for students to practice navigating with cardinal and relative (left & right) directions, moving in set increments, repeating groups of code, conditional statements, and forever loops.

Coding 1 Treasure Hunt: Captain Binary

Indoor Treasure Hunt

This ready-to-go, 10-part treasure hunt is designed for students 5 - 10 with no previous coding experience, and takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. To use this treasure hunt you will need a printer and 13 pieces of paper.

TIP: This treasure hunt is perfect for younger students new to coding because it uses cardinal directions to navigate the map. Cardinal directions are absolute--for example, North will always point North no matter which direction they are facing--which makes it very clear which direction they should turn. This allows them to focus just on the new coding concepts introduced.


Coding 1 Treasure Hunt: Binary Builds a Friend

Outdoor Treasure Hunt

Robot Pirate Captain Binary is back in this educational treasure hunt for ages 5 to 10, and this time he's looking for help to build a friend.  Can you help him by completing the coded steps? "Welcome to my workshop! Can you help me create a friend, by completing the steps?"

This activity takes around 1 - 2 hours to complete. To use this treasure hunt you will need a printer, eleven pieces of paper, and and outdoor space to play.