Beginner Coding Treasure Hunt Bundle


This Beginner Coding Bundle includes two educational treasure hunts that follow the storyline of Robot Captain Binary.  Buy the bundle and save 10% off the price of purchasing them individually.


Coding 1 Treasure Hunt: Captain Binary

Indoor Treasure Hunt

This ready-to-go, 10-part treasure hunt is designed for students 5 - 10 with no previous coding experience.

Great supplemental activity for screen-free practice of coding in the style of Scratch.

This indoor treasure hunt is the perfect break from computer-based distance learning, because it gets bodies moving while keeping students' minds engaged as they practice deductive reasoning, following cardinal directions, and introducing coding concepts. On this treasure hunt, students new to coding will learn about moving in set increments, repeating groups of code, conditional statements and forever loops. This activity takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to complete, depending on the student's age and familiarity with coding.

Download and set up in about 10 minutes, this treasure hunt includes instructions for where to hide each clue. Each puzzle leads to a common household item (see below for list). Purchase includes ten colorful treasure hunt clues and an answer key, a supplemental primer on how to read code blocks in the style of Scratch, and a supplemental handout on how to read cardinal directions.

TIP: This treasure hunt is perfect for younger students new to coding because it uses cardinal directions to navigate the map. Cardinal directions are absolute--for example, North will always point North no matter which direction they are facing--which makes it very clear which direction they should turn. This allows them to focus just on the new coding concepts introduced.

To use this treasure hunt you will need a printer, at least 10 pieces of paper (for the 10 clues, or 13 pieces of paper with the supplemental educational material and congratulations page), and the following hiding locations around your home:

  • Keyboard
  • Couch
  • Pillow
  • Shower
  • Chair
  • Microwave
  • Shoe
  • Fork
  • Bookshelf
  • Fire Extinguisher



Coding 1 Treasure Hunt: Binary Builds a Friend

Outdoor Treasure Hunt

Robot Pirate Captain Binary is back in this educational treasure hunt for ages 5 to 10, and this time he's looking for help to build a friend.  Can you help him by completing the coded steps?

"Welcome to my workshop! Can you help me create a friend, by completing the steps?"

Available immediately by instantly downloading after check-out, this educational treasure hunt includes instructions for a quick and easy set-up in less than 10 minutes, as well as the supplemental teaching resources "How to Code" and primers on using cardinal and relative directions.


On this Coding Quest, students will practice:

  • Moving in set increments,
  • Repeating blocks of code,
  • Forever loops,
  • and Navigating using cardinal and relative directions.

This activity takes around 1 - 2 hours to complete. To use this treasure hunt you will need a printer, eleven pieces of paper, and the following outdoor locations:

  • Sneakers
  • Leaves
  • Tap/Faucet
  • Soccer Ball
  • Leave with a Bench
  • Rocks
  • Tree
  • Fence
  • Bush


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