Data Science I Treasure Hunt: Riddler


Learn about the data science process by solving a series of 9 riddles.

“To collect data on size for this endeavor, I may need a tape _ _ _ _ _ _ _.”


Ready-to-go, 11-part treasure hunt designed for ages 5 to 10, with a data science theme. Riddles lead to common household items. Easy to set up with hiding location on the reverse of each clue. PDF includes an educational handout with data science process and terminology, the treasure hunt with colorful clues embedded on each, and a version without pictorial hints for a harder challenge. This activity takes about an hour to complete.

To use this treasure hunt you will need a printer, three pieces of printer paper, and the following hiding locations around your home:

  • Paper
  • Bathroom Scale
  • Tape Measure
  • Kitchen
  • Clock or Watch
  • Shoes
  • Chair
  • Calculator
  • Computer
  • Table
  • Fire Extinguisher



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