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"My daughter absolutely loved the treasure hunt!!!! This is such a clever way to encourage math in young kids. It captivated her for the whole morning, and when she finished it, she thanked me for setting it up (I repeat - she thanked me for setting up this math activity!!) and asked me if we could do it again. Wow!"

Alisha K. - Parent | Treasure Hunt Builder

Love our educational treasure hunts, but want to customize them to suit your student's needs? The Builder can do just that!


Each treasure hunt provides 1-2 hours of educational fun.

Captivating Storyline

Choose the adventure storylines specific to your student's interests to keep them engaged while learning.

Educational Puzzles

Choose educational clues specific to your student's learning goals. Students practice applying their knowledge while off on an adventure around your home or classroom.

Quick & Easy Set Up

Generate and setup your educational treasure hunt in under 10 minutes. Every hunt comes with instructions for where to hide each clue.


These treasure hunts are a device-free activity to get students up and moving while practicing their skills.

Clue Locations

Choose the locations to hide the clues so they are specific to your home or classroom. Inside and outside locations; keep them guessing!

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